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Epidemiological Studies


Comparison of the effectiveness and efficiency of technologies and treatment protocols leading to improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results
Improvement of disease predictability – providing earlier options for preventive intervention, and reducing future treatment costs
Improving the quality of care
Appraising preventive medicine intervention programs
Supporting evidence-based policy planning


Epidemiological investigations & observational studies

prevalence studies
disease and treatment related research
observational studies conducted on selected populations
Related Publications

Diabetes and Risk of Incident Cancer: A Large Population-Based Cohort Study in Israel .

Chodick G, Heymann AD, , Kokia E, Shalev V.
Cancer Causes Control, 2010; 21(6):879-87

Long-term trends in hepatitis A incidence following the inclusion of Hepatitis A vaccine in the routine nationwide immunization program

Chodick G, Heymann AD, Ashkenazi S, Kokia E, Shalev V.
Journal of Viral Hepatitis 2008; Sup2:62
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Burden of disease & cost effectiveness studies

Maccabi's database research service can perform studies to help understand the cost burden of disease within a population, including hospitalizations, use of diagnostic services, drugs and days lost from work. Similarly, we are able to compare the cost and burden of various treatments, disease management programs and other interventions.
Related Publications

Potential impact and cost-­effectiveness analysis of rotavirus vaccination of children in Israel

Chodick G, Waisbourd-­Zinman O, Shalev V, Kokia E, Rabinovich M, Ashkenazi S
European Journal of Public Health 2009;19 :254-­9.  
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Comparative effectiveness & outcomes research

pharmacoepidemiological studies
drug compliance
pharmaceutical effectiveness, side effects
patient safety studies
quality of life studies
Using its database, Maccabi's database research service can help clients understand the impact of treatments on patients. The effectiveness of various approaches can be compared, side effects tracked and measured. Because Maccabi's database includes complete drug purchase records, not merely the prescriptions, we can study and evaluate drug compliance. Because of our ability to interact directly with the physicians, we can evaluate quality of life, in addition to other outcomes.
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