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Clinical Trials & Product Development


Accelerate pharmaceutical product development – reducing costs and enhancing revenues through faster time to market
Identification of new indications for existing pharmaceutical products – creating additional IP related revenues (drug re-profiling)
Pre-Selection for patient recruitment and targeting utilizing Maccabi's extensive data resources
Rapid identification and assembly of physician and patient cohorts for prospective studies
Close supervision and data based patient follow up of the research
Ability to test hypotheses related to performance of new technologies vs. existing treatment protocols – supporting the R&D process


Real world evidence study

Maccabitech offers biotechnology companies the opportunity to utilize the Maccabi patient database for historical control when reliance on trial-based control groups is not feasible or not effective.
• The database contains highly reliable and updated real-life data – offering superior historical control quality compared to literature and past research
• Past data and ongoing patient interactions enable both retrospective research as well as prospective surveillance
• Positive signals can provide reassurance for moving forward with later clinical trial phases
• Negative signals can provide valuable insights related to suspected lack of efficacy, and help in preventing futile significant investments downstream
• Unique real- life data related to the progress of degenerative diseases over time can provide valuable efficacy insights
• Maccabi provides full Helsinki (IRB) approval for retrospective and prospective research
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Maccabitech provides a unique platform for studying real-world treatment patterns and outcomes associated with pharmaceuticals.
The purchase database captures all medications purchased daily within the Maccabi pharmacy network
Prescriptions are automatically recorded at each encounter with Maccabi physicians
Complete linkage and integration within the Maccabi patient database; high retention rate for longitudinal analyses.
Opportunities to answer a broad range of questions related to pharmacoepidemiology
o Treatment patterns and drug utilization
o Vaccine uptake and coverage rates
o Medication adherence and persistence
o Treatment effectiveness and outcomes research
o Identification of heterogeneity in treatment effects
o Pharmacoeconomics; costs and consequences of drug therapy
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Pragmatical clinical trials

IRB/IEC approval
clinical trial subject recruitment
clinical trial coordination and monitoring
results analysis
report writing and publication
IRB / IEC approval
Maccabi maintains its own Institutional Review Board (IRB/IEC) which expeditiously reviews all research projects. All Maccabi clinical researchers have received GCP (Good Clinical Practice) certification and all research is conducted pursuit to GCP standards.

Clinical trial subject recruitment
Maccabi’s 5000 primary and specialist physicians are able to enroll their patients in clinical trials, both community and hospital-based. Maccabi’s comprehensive clinical database enables pre-identification of potential study patients and location of the physicians with the largest panels of such patients. In addition, our real-time electronic medical record enables us to automatically alert physicians in real time at the point of care, that a particular patient may be eligible for a particular study. Similarly, our system enables us to identify and notify eligible patients directly. We thus expedite recruitment while increasing enrollment rates.

Clinical trial coordination and monitoring
Maccabi’s professional CRAs work closely with our clinical researchers to monitor studies, and gather study data electronically in real time. Their work is facilitated by case report forms (CRF) embedded within the electronic medical record.

Results analysis
Maccabi’s staff of experienced data analysts perform statistical analysis in house.

Report writing and publication
Maccabi’s research team has years of experience writing research reports and preparing publications.

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