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The Database

Maccabi's patient database is derived from a central electronic medical record, containing longitudinal data on a stable population of almost 2 million people for over 18 years. All doctors have been computerized and connected to the central database since 1993, using the same IT system.  

Unique Advantages of Maccabi's Database

A central medical record affords control over the quality and consistency of the data

Data on population of 2 million people

All doctors and health professionals connected to the central database since 1993, using the same Electronic Medical Record system

Longitudinal data
Includes patient data from birth to death
Stable population (< 2% annual turnover)

Complete data on each patient from all clinical interactions and activities
Comprehensive lab data from single central lab assures consistent lab values
Full pharmacy prescription and purchase data
Extensive demographic data on each patient

Ability to customize data collection to meet client needs

Sources of the data

The database compiles information from the following sources: 

4700 contracted and employed primary care and specialist physicians
32 hospitals
650 pharmacies
central laboratory
imaging centers
physiotherapy clinics
nursing stations
psychiatry and mental health services

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