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Maccabitech is the business development arm of the Maccabi Group (which includes Maccabi Healthcare Services). Maccabitech offers knowledge-based solutions for care providers, insurers, research-center, industry, and patient organizations worldwide. Utilizing top-quality data and senior scientists, Maccabitech provides insights to the real-world of medicine and care provision. With an annual number of over 12 original articles for the last 10 years and its team of physicians, epidemiologists, medical informatics professionals, biostatisticians has been recognized as a leading emerging research institution.

As an integral unit within Maccabi Healthcare Services with direct access to the fund’s information systems, Maccabitech uniquely offers, in addition to data extracts and database research services, prospective data collection from MHS patients and caregivers, as well as market access information to local and international clients.

Maccabitech is a proud member of the US HCS Research Network (HCSRN).

Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel's most advanced health fund, provides comprehensive medical coverage to 2 million members (25% of the country's total population). Maccabi has long been recognized, both in Israel and abroad, as a unique and innovative health care system, leading the way in many areas including cutting edge medical technology, comprehensive and integrated computerized information systems, cost-effective management, and sophisticated evaluation tools.

Maccabi's patient database is the key asset utilized by the Maccabitech clinical database research services team. It is derived from a central electronic medical record, containing longitudinal data on a stable population of 2 million people for over 18 years.  Maccabi has created and maintains chronic disease registries, which are updated automatically in real time from the central medical record.  These include diabetes, cardiovascular, infertility, hypertension, home care, cancer, schizophrenia/bipolar, warfarin treatment, chronic kidney disease, COPD and weight disorders (including obesity and metabolic syndrome) registries.  The data includes demographic information, co-morbidities, lab results, medications, treatments, imaging and medical encounters (physicians, paramedical and hospitalizations).  All patients have a single national identity number, which enables access to information from other national databases.

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